Delicious Coffee


· 24 Masdeu naturals Macarons (DIS601)
· 1 spoon of soluble coffee
· 3 spoons of boiling water
· 200 g of butter
· 75 g of icing sugar
· 1 egg yolk



Dissolve a spoon of coffee in the boiling water. Beat the butter with the sugar, add the egg yolk and keep on beating until getting a spongy mix. Mix the coffee with the boiling water in another container. Put the spongy mix in the bain-marie and pour the coffee while beating. The result will be a smooth cream ready to fill the Masdeu natural macarons.

Before filling the macarons, spray some water on the inner sides of the macaron shells to moist them. After filling, add coffee or cinnamon powder on the macaron for decoration. Let them stand in a cool and dry place for 5 hours or more, before serving.

SUGGESTION: You can also replace instant coffee for coffee essence. To do it, pour 125 g of ground coffee in 2.5 dl of water about to boil. Let this infusion stand and filter it afterward. Heat up this liquid and use it to prepare another infusion, adding 125 gr of the instant coffee. Let it cool in a dry and cool place and filter it. Close the infusion hermetically and keep it in the fridge.

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