Artisan tradition
strengthens our
capacity to innovate

Our know-how, always at your service

From our past as artisanal producers, we exercise special care in the selection of our ingredients and uphold high standards in our production in order to offer our customers quality products that are always well made.

These characteristics of our production have been maintained, even after incorporating the most modern and innovative industrial processes.

Quality that is savoured

Our puff pastry production in Les Lucs-sur-Boulogne follows the classic French method. It is a slower and more laborious process, but the only one capable of guaranteeing the organoleptic qualities that we most prize in these pastries: their delicate flavour, volume and, above all, the light and crunchy texture of their multiple layers. These are characteristics that only enhance those of the fillings that professionals create in the kitchen to complete them.

Innovation part of our “DNA”

At Masdeu tradition has never held us back. On the contrary, it is a force that drives us to draw on our experience, but to innovate too. Creating new designs for our fillable bases, featuring new shapes and flavours, gives meaning to our craft and the service we provide. This is demonstrated, for example, by our original mini waffle cones, available in different varieties for both sweet and savoury fillings.

On the cutting edge, with organic bases

Our customers value the ease, speed and versatility that our ready to fill bases for filling give them, to create delicious and attractive culinary offerings for their consumers. Meeting their needs today entails also offering an alternative of bases made only using organic ingredients. Masdeu has advanced in this regard, with a range of “organic” puff pastries available to our customers.

Our external certifications

Various audits certify the optimal and meticulous methodology employed in the production processes we follow, the traceability of our products, and our selection of raw materials, as well as the thorough maintenance of all the equipment and materials Masdeu uses to prepare its products.

Our certifications include audits by International Food Standard (IFS), as well as others governing the use of ingredients, such as RSPO, and those that guarantee specific forms of production, such as Halal.